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  • 6 Packs of 16oz Mason Jar Mugs £ 26.99
    Smiths Mason Jars 6-packs 16oz(473ml) Glass Jars with handles and Screw Top | Drinking Glasses Ideal for Overnight Oats containers with lids for Smoothies

    AUTHENTIC LOOK – These smoothie glass comes with a Smith’s Mason Jars’ embossed logo to give them a truly authentic look, and are also styled with an easy to hold handle and screw top lid. These drinking jars are ideal for weddings, bars, household use, parties and social gatherings.

    ◉ THESE STYLISH glass jars with lids GIVE OUT THAT RUSTIC VIBE THAT are perfect for kitchen organization. You’d even want to GIVE THEM OUT AS PRESENTS, FILL THEM WITH cookies or marshmallows and give them to friends. For a healthy lifestyle, THEY ALSO WORK GREAT FOR mason jar with straw and they make great salad containers if you are on the run! Perfect present for Christmas.

    ◉ PERFECT FOR SUMMER BEVERAGES AS THESE overnight oats jar are THE ONLY WAY to present healthy summer cocktails, MEGA MILKSHAKES and REFRESHING ICED TEA! They’re also suitable for holding hot beverages like COFFEE AND HOT CHOCOLATE. Ideal for SMOOTHIES AND DRINKS AT garden parties, BBQs and family get-togethers!

    ◉ DURABLE GLASS & A STURDY HANDLE THAT ARE made from durable glass. IMAGINE ENJOYING A FRESH DRINK ON lazy, hot summer days and nights; these Smith’s mason jars with handles feature THE CLASSIC SCREW TOP DESIGN (FOR OVERNIGHT OATS!) and a convenient handle, ensuring that you can easily grip your beverage, and focus on savouring your drink. REFRAIN FROM USING DISHWASHER FOR THE LIDS AS this will cause oxidisation and rust.

    ◉ WE’VE DESIGNED THESE FOR hot or cold beverages. If you intend on using it for hot drinks, the glasses have been TESTED WITH 80 DEGREES CELCIUS HOT WATER, however, if you are in a colder region you will break the glass if you add boiling water directly to cold glass.

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    mason jar coffee grinder
    mason jar coffee grinder
    Coffee Cup Grinder Mug and Lid Set w Manual Coffee Grinder £ 33.05
    • WHEN ONLY FRESH GROUND COFFEE WORKSNothing beats the freshest ground coffee for your brew. Our manual coffee grinder lets you have your preferred grind for the coffee that suits your mood–because coffee lovers like us know that the type of grind matters when you want the best tasting coffee.
    • COMES WITH A LID SETEnjoy the perfect cup that fuels your daily grind with our fancy mason jar lids. Whether you want to savour your coffee for-here or to-go, just cap it off and you’re all set!
    • HIGH QUALITY FOOD-GRADE SAFE AND DURABLEWe only use the best quality handheld coffee grinder and lid set that are made of food grade metals and durable glass to ensure safety that lasts so you enjoy your coffee worry-free. As with all glass, refrain from switching temperatures, from very cold to very hot since they could break.
    • PERFECT GIFT WITH 100% GUARANTEEThese Smith’s Mason Jar Coffee Cup with Manual Grinder and Lid Set Mug come with their own tag which makes them the ideal gifts for birthdays or holidays for your coffee-lover friends. We offer 30 DAYS WARRANTY – in case you have any issue with our mason jar coffee grinder with lid set mugs, we will replace or refund no questions asked.

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    coffee cups
    smith's mason coffee cups
    Glass Coffee Cups with Silicone Handle – Set of 2 – For Hot or Cold Beverage To-Go – Great for Office, Gym – Fits Car Drinks Holder Perfectly £ 10.00
    • STRONGEST PREMIUM GLASSclear walled boron glass, keep the original taste quality of your coffee and keep the temperature
    • AIRTIGHT LIDkeep the original taste quality of your choice of beverage
    • ERGONOMIC SILICONE HANDLE easy to hold so you can enjoy the beverage temperature just the way you like it!
    • EASY TO CLEANMicrowave and dishwasher safe. The cup and lid need to be placed separately in the dishwasher. Borosilicate glass is easy to clean, and the cup is not narrow, easy to reach the bottom. So it’s also very convenient for hand wash. Heating in the microwave oven is allowed, whether the cup is with or without lid, and the outside will not be very hot.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEEWe can guarantee though that if the products does arrive broke or cracked we will be happy to refund or replace please contact us directly before leaving a negative review, our mission is to ensure all Customers are 100% happy.


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  • Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses Set of 6 Shot Glasses 120 ml Each, Great for Food Storage, Canning, Shot Glasses, and with a Great Gift tag Great for Presents and Wedding Favors £ 17.99
    • THESE HIGH QUALITY 120mL OR 4oz SHOT GLASSES WITH HANDLES COME IN a set of six (6) with a gift tag, unlike other small mason jars. This makes them GREAT FOR PARTIES AND GIVEAWAYS. Send a set filled with keepsakes and all good things to your family and loved ones!
    • THESE MULTI-PURPOSE GLASS JARS ARE MADE OF THE BEST FOOD-GRADE materials so you can keep herbs, pour in homemade candles or any favorite treat! PRO-TIP: Popping some holes on the lids and turn them into stylish Salt and Pepper Shakers.
    • THEY’RE LEAKPROOF WITH A white seal on the inside of each lid to avoid leakages. The glasses and lids are Lead free and BPA free so you have peace of mind.
    • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED PREMIUM GLASS MAKE UP THESE tough, sturdy shot glasses so they will NOT BREAK EASILY. The glass are DISHWASHER SAFE but the lids should be hand washed. If you do receive any damaged or broken glasses, just let us know and we’ll replace them absolutely free!
    • PREMIUM GLASS – These are tough, sturdy shot glasses that will not break easily and are also dishwasher safe (the lids should be hand washed). If you do receive any damaged or broken glasses, just let us know and we’ll replace them absolutely free!
    • WE OFFER 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE SO IF THE products do arrive broke or cracked, we will be happy to REFUND OR REPLACE please CONTACT US DIRECTLY. We are real people who use our own products everyday. We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours. As a small family-owned business, we strive for the best customer experience that we can give.
  • Set of 4 Smith’s Mason Jars (235 ml/8 oz) Silicone sleeves, Leak proof lid, and reusable straws – great toddler glass cups, snack jars, sippy cup. Ideal for picnics, barbecues, camping, kids smoothies, even coffee to go! £ 16.99

    Travelling with tots bringing a ton of stuff with you. That includes hydration! Children are more prone to heat stroke and dehydration than adults because they are generally smaller and weigh less than adults.

    ?Make sure your children are well hydrated. Have toddler glass cups with you at all times!

    ✨ Our toddler cups are made of borosilicate glass so they’re durable.

    ✨ With a silicone cover, kids’ little hands can hold on to them comfortably.

    Great for liquids and snack bites, these toddler cups are designed with your toddler in mind! Make snacking easy peasy with these cups that can handle your toddler’s milk and healthy smoothies. These are great for little cookies and biscuits, too! Travel in peace and never with a hungry toddler tummy with these colourful multipurpose toddler cups!

  • Set of Four Jars with Lids and Straws Also with Extra Set of 4 Lids Without Holes and Straw Cleaning Brush £ 20.99

    ASIN: B07HN77ZYX

    UPC: 646847664434

    • DURABLE GLASS & A CONVENIENT HANDLE AND WAY BETTER QUALITY THAN THE RESTMade from durable glass that weighs 410g per glass versus competitors that only weigh a flimsy 360 grams per glass. Perfect for those lazy, hot summer days and nights; these Smith’s Mason jar glasses feature the classic screw top design and a convenient handle, ensuring that you can easily grip your beverage, and focus on enjoying yourself.
    • PERFECT FOR SUMMER BEVERAGESThese Mason jar drinking mugs are the perfect way to present summer cocktails, mega milkshakes and iced tea! They’re also suitable for holding hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate. Ideal for serving drinks at garden parties, BBQs and family get-togethers!
    • SET OF 4 METAL STRAWS AND LIDSIt’s never been easier to throw an eco-conscious drinking party with a set of 4 reusable stainless metal straws. Go green and ditch single-use plastic straws in your smoothies, dinners, parties, and everyday drinks!
    • SAFE AND SEALEDFDA-approved and BPA-free, it’s sealable top is leak-proof so you can enjoy your drink without any spillage, even when you drop it! It keeps your drink in the container without wasting a drop!
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We care deeply about our customers, so we give you the great opportunity to get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied wit our set of straws and lids. This is totally risk-free buy; Love it or get your money back! 


  • Smiths Mini Mason Jar “Chupito” Shot Glasses with Lids Set of 6-2oz Per Shot Glass £ 12.99£ 19.99
    • 6 MINI MASON JAR SHOT GLASSESThis is the right product, if you are looking for a novel drinking experience. The miniature Mason shot glasses with lids offer you the shot glasses you’re looking for. The original Chupito glasses are just a click away.
    • MADE OF FINEST QUALITY MATERIALWe pride ourselves and to be known for quality and durability. High quality Chupito mini Mason short jars are made of finest quality glass that is BPA free and dishwasher safe, and a stainless steel screw on top (hand wash tops please).
    • PERFECTLY BLENDS IN WITH the SMITH’S MASON JAR SHAKERThese are a great to go with your Smith’s Mason jar cocktail shaker and will look great within any barware set.
    • THEY HAVE A MULTITUDE OF USESSince selling these, people are using them for literally everything, from Candles, Herbs and Spices, Needlework, Lotions, wedding gifts, Olive oil! They are great because they have a non-spill screw on top.
    • We can guarantee though that if the products does arrive broke or cracked we will be happy to refund or replace please contact us directly before leaving a negative review.
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