We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Our story started in 2016 in our small home in London. Our family goes through different types of mason jars throughout the day — whether it’s for canning, fermentation, and even just for drinking our green smoothies. During that time, mason jars were mostly used for preserving food. At the same time, outside our home, we’ve been noticing the rise of pollution around the world mainly through single-use plastics.

Just as we use mason jars for almost anything in our everyday routine, we envision the same for every home and every family around the world. We designed mason jar glasses for kitchen and dining use, hoping to inspire more people to avoid single-use disposables. As a homegrown brand, our family built Smith’s Mason Jars in pursuit of shifting the mindset from plastic to glassware, from single-use to sustainability.

Today, as we continue to reach more people around the world, we continue to strive and inspire creativity in using sustainable glassware in our everyday life. We believe that every time we choose to use mason jars, we also choose to keep destructible single-use plastic away from our seas and natural environments.

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