Set of 4 Smith’s Mason Jars (235 ml/8 oz) Silicone sleeves, Leak proof lid, and reusable straws – great toddler glass cups, snack jars, sippy cup. Ideal for picnics, barbecues, camping, kids smoothies, even coffee to go!

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Travelling with tots bringing a ton of stuff with you. That includes hydration! Children are more prone to heat stroke and dehydration than adults because they are generally smaller and weigh less than adults.

?Make sure your children are well hydrated. Have toddler glass cups with you at all times!

✨ Our toddler cups are made of borosilicate glass so they’re durable.

✨ With a silicone cover, kids’ little hands can hold on to them comfortably.

Great for liquids and snack bites, these toddler cups are designed with your toddler in mind! Make snacking easy peasy with these cups that can handle your toddler’s milk and healthy smoothies. These are great for little cookies and biscuits, too! Travel in peace and never with a hungry toddler tummy with these colourful multipurpose toddler cups!

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